By Jennifer L. McCoy, DDS, Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
November 29, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: braces   orthodontics  

Find out if your smile could benefit from what orthodontic treatment has to offer.braces

Sure, in some instance it may seem obvious that a smile could benefit from braces; however, it isn’t always that apparent for everyone. Our Suwanee and Lawrenceville, GA, dentists, Dr. Jennifer McCoy and Dr. Katherine Copeland, are here to tell you what issues can be addressed through braces.

Your Smile is Crowded

If teeth are overlapping one another or if there just isn’t enough room for all of your teeth then you are dealing with a problem known as crowding. If left untreated, this issue often just gets worse with age, not to mention the fact that you are also at a higher risk for decay because it can be more challenging to properly and thoroughly brush and floss these overlapping teeth.

The sooner you seek orthodontic treatment from one of our Suwanee and Lawrenceville cosmetic dentists the better. While we recommend that children come in for an evaluation around the age of seven, anyone can benefit from an evaluation if they are dealing with crowding.

Spaces Between Teeth

Instead of crowding perhaps you have the opposite problem in which teeth are just too spaced apart. Gaps between teeth are unsightly and awkward, but they can also affect your bite, resulting in some teeth taking on more chewing pressure than other teeth. Over time, this can lead to uneven wear and tear and even damage to teeth; fortunately, we offer different orthodontic options that can finally close those gaps for good.


An overbite is when the upper teeth stick out more than the lower teeth, resulting in the top teeth covering the lower teeth when you smile. If the overbite is severe enough the upper teeth may stick out much further, which can result in fractures, breaks and other injuries to the front teeth. Getting braces can fix this issue and prevent teeth from becoming damaged.


An underbite is when the bottom teeth stick out further than the top teeth. This usually has something to do with differentiating jaw sizes, which can lead to problems with chewing and speech. This bite can also affect the shape and appearance of your face. Luckily, orthodontic treatment can help restore your bite and realign the jaws to repair your underbite. Everything from traditional braces and a retainer to clear orthodontic aligners can be used to treat this issue.

If you are considering getting braces then it’s time you turned to us for the answers. We offer locations in Lawrenceville and Suwanee, GA, to serve you better. Let’s find out what we can do to get you that straighter smile.