By Jennifer L. McCoy, DDS, Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
October 29, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: teeth whitening  

For professional teeth whitening in Lawrenceville, GA, and Suwanee, GA, you can count on the offices of Dr. Jennifer McCoy and Dr. Katherine Copeland to provide all the services you are looking for. 

Who doesn't want a beautiful white smile? You can follow the ADA guidelines and brush your teeth twice daily for 2 minutes and floss regularly and still not have the white teeth you desire. Adding a whitening toothpaste to your routine may help a little, but the results you get at home don't compare with the results you get in a dental office. 

Why aren't your teeth white?

Many things contribute to the color of your teeth. Genetics is one. Not everyone has pearly whites, it is just a fact of life. However, you want your teeth to look the whitest they possibly can. If you smoke, that really adds to the discoloration of your teeth. 

Food and drink are some of the main culprits of teeth that aren't their whitest. Tea, red wine, and coffee discolor your teeth. The brighter the color of the food you eat, the more likely it is to affect the color of your teeth. But man can't live on white food alone, so you need to have a way to eat the things you want and still have white teeth. 

Whitening your teeth in the dental office

Professional teeth whitening in Lawrenceville, GA, and Suwanee, GA is the best way to achieve the result you want when it comes to teeth whitening. The dentist can provide dramatic results in a safe and effective way. With professional treatment, the procedure works more quickly and is less likely to irritate sensitive gums and teeth. 

A protective barrier is applied to protect your gums and roots. This is one of the primary benefits of in-office treatment. It is a very important step.  Professional strength hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to your teeth. It takes about an hour to get the desired result. The difference is immediately apparent.

How long your sparkling white smile will last is something over which you have control. Maintain good oral care at home and get your regular cleaning at the dental office and you can expect to retain the whiteness for between 6 months and 2 years. 

When you need teeth whitening in Lawrenceville, GA, or Suwanee, GA, you can count on Dr. McCoy and Dr. Copeland to be there to provide the services you are looking for. Call the office at (770) 963-2424 in Lawrenceville and (678) 269-4910 in Suwanee for an appointment.